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At Little Dewchurch we care for the churchyard to keep it as a place of peace for quiet reflection, and as a haven for wildlife where people can appreciate the beauty and diversity of nature.

Our plan of work in the churchyard ensures some areas are regularly mown to keep them tidy, while other parts are mown at different times of the year to allow the wild flowers to bloom and set seed, and provide nectar and shelter for insects, small animals and frogs and slow-worms. The churchyard stonework provides a home for a mosaic of mosses and lichens. Care of trees, shrubs and the churchyard stonework and its plants all feature in the conservation plan.

We welcome anyone interested in helping in the churchyard. If you would like to be involved please email

Churchyard Grassland Management Plan

Churchyard cutting plan

Section A: spring flowers - cut from mid June
Section B: summer flowers - cut till April and from July Section C: wild daffodil area - cut from July
Section D: cut regularly all season, as are the paths
Section E: an uncut strip round the edge providing a haven for mammals, slow-worms and grass snakes, and the invertebrates

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churchyard workparty

churchyard workparty

churchyard workparty

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