St David's, Little Dewchurch, Herefordshire
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Have you seen this picture on the font?
(clue:look around the back)

Do you know what it is?

This carving represents the Trinity. It celebrates God as
Father, Son & Holy Spirit - three in one
(Tri for three - think of triplets, triangles, & Unity)

This carving is in Latin, the language that would have been used by the early Christians when they worshipped here.
Pater = Father, Filius = Son, Spiritus = Spirit

Deus (in the centre) = God

The circle joining the three arms says 'non est' = 'is not' & the 3 arms into the centre say 'est' = 'is'

This explains that the Father, Son & Holy Spirit are different, but that all 3 are God.

One way of trying to explain it could be to think of a Mars bar - the three layers of chocolate, caramel & soft nougat are all different, but a Mars bar is not a Mars bar unless all three different parts are together.

Also on the font is a carving of a very well known bible story - do you know which one?


For slightly older children -
meet the Jubilee Kids at
- modern cartoon-style, with intro movie which takes you to THE HUB.....

Why not try making your own God's Eyes?

some God's Eyes

Some God's Eyes made at our Churchyard Celebration Day using twigs & wool
- if you look at the  plainer one carefully you will see it shows the sun and earth in a  sparkling sky

smoother god's eye

Smoother effect using kebab sticks instead of twigs

You can also try adding feathers to the ends of the twigs for further decoration